19th-20th century. Gilt hilt of transitional form of about 1700, called dish hilt, a late evolution of the cup hilt. Spirally fluted quillons, knuckle bow and pommel of typical Spanish form. Large arms of the guard to accommodate gripping with the first two fingers ahead of the cross guard, as is correct for the rapier grip. The sword is finely balanced when properly gripped. Circular guard of radial pierced leaf form. Spirally fluted silvered wire wrapped grip. Genuine period blade of about 1650, 35 ½” length, diamond section with dep fullers at the forte clearly inscribed X  CROCIFISSIO  X  ON  X  E N  X  ALE  X  N I   X  NIA  X. Crocifisso is Latin for Crucifix and the rest is typically, abbreviated from the Latin motto. Excellent with the gold surface bright. The use of an original, probably family heirloom blade suggests that this sword was made for a noble owner.
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