An arming sword, for a fighter in armor to fight an armored adversary. Iron hilt with down turned cross guard and oval ring guard, both decorated with transverse fluting and diamond form swells. Globular pommel formed as addorsed fluted sea shells. Iron wire wrapped grip with turban form terminals. 30 3/8" blade, tapered with line bordered half-length fullers and long ricasso with angled transition punctuated with chiseled lines. Each side struck with an S, perhaps a maker's mark. The Wallace collection catalog contains three examples with the S mark (plus one unrelated elongated S). They are describes as "Italian about 1600" (A566), "German or Italian about 1600" (A541), and "Italian (?) about 1600" (A615). The commonality of the marks is noted but they are not deemed to be maker's marks. It's likely that all four, including this, are Italian mounted with German blades which was very common for the period. The metal with old stable mottled oxidation with minimal degradation. Grip sound and complete.

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