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In the mid-16th century, elaborately sculpted figural gilt bronze hilts became fashionable for edged weapons. Rapiers, broad swords, daggers, falchions and mothers were produced in Northern Italy. Owing to their decorative quality, a great many have survived, mostly in museums. The basic works on Italian arms and armor by Boccia and his associates illustrate many as well as designs for others. This is a provincial example which expresses the grandeur of those made for royalty and nobility in simpler terms. The gilt one piece cruciform hilt displays a deeply modeled grotesque lion mask to each side of the pommel and quillon tips as fleur-de-lis with the design repeated in smaller scale as langets. The fleur-de-lis is used in the town arms of numerous Italian towns including Florence. The 33 7/8" blade, with line bordered broad fullered is decorated with intertwined strap work on a hatched ground above an arms splay, perhaps armorial, Above is a Turkish war tent, a reference to the primary adversary for which it was made. There is evidence of age and use as expected.
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