Made for the slave caravans in Africa in the 19th century. The caravan or "train" is the group of captives which are chained together and brought from their homeland to market. That followed a slave raid, which usually took place at dawn with the raiders sweeping down on a whole village. Young men, women and children were captured and locked in a variety of restraints. The old and infirm were slaughtered. The market for slaves was broad and included domestic human consumption (cannibalism) and the Arab world where they served as labor. The form is based on Arab locks and they were made and used in the Congo where a great deal of slavery took place. Typical Arab form with sprung crossbar, rectangular body and rounded bottom. Lined and toothed edges and radials, each side. The back with a heart-shaped peen of the key post. Superior quality with stable old brown surface. 3 3/8" width.
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