Iron, of massive proportions. 4 pounds 7.5 oz. weight and 34 1/4" length! Characteristic form known as the afena which symbolized the king and by extension, his representatives. The proportions and quality here suggest that bit was made for the Asantehene (king) who ruled over all the chiefs. The blade edge crenelated with ten impressions producing toothed effect. Large oval and rectangular openings flanked by triangular openings, all with profuse punch work patterns and bands. Stable surface rust from decades of outdoor display. The tang with original inked collection information "2970 C.1757" evidently indicating its date based on information available at that time. Further red oval label with information now obscured. The Ashanti fought four wars with the British from 1823-91. This ceremonial sword was probably collected by a British official during one.

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