This sword was made for use against armor on foot or horseback. Its uniformly tapering stout diamond section blade is most suitable for thrusting and capable of penetrating all but the thickest armor. The throat area between the breastplate and helmet was particularly vulnerable as the requirement for articulation necessitated thinner plates. The simple straight cross guard evolved directly from the classic medieval cruciform sword. The elongated hock bottle grip is a rare original, made to accommodate both hands comfortably for maximum effect. The pommel is sized to balance the blade at its distance and the foot continues the sweep of the grip completing the rest for the left hand. This sword was made for a man at arms prepared to fight to the death in every encounter. The increased leverage of a two handed attack is at the price of a left hand defense. Each attacking blow must be met with the sword and a productive strike is possible only when the opponent fails to do so. The very stuff that medieval legends are made of! 35 1/2" length blade.

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