Known in English as the ox tongue, it was popular in the Gothic to mid-16th century periods, particularly in France. This example is from a group which emerged again during the French Revolution. Evidently, an arsenal with a stock of the originals was stormed and they fell into the hands of Revolutionary forces. Many are found with the chiseled AN mark of the national armory, while this one does not. Literature describes them both as C.1500 and C.1790 owing to their duel context, however, they are the original Gothic examples, sometimes rehafted. This is a fine one, C.1500 or slightly earlier with large broad head (26" including the socket) with sharpened edges and forward spear point. The integral cheek straps bring the head length to 36 1/2". Condition is quite crisp and bright with large forged lamination seams as expected for the Gothic period. A massive weapon which has risen to the challenge twice in history. 92 3/4" overall length.

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