See Neumann, Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, 54.S. Brass hilt with thickened edge plate guard to the right and thumb ring to the left. That arrangement as on the Neumann example which he identifies as used by grenadiers. The brass pommel of iconic French form, faceted with a step to the base an top. Brass ferrules and wire wrapped grip. The 27 ¼” d.e. blade is well decorated with a portrait, rococo foliage, and motto Hoc Langi Morti Ferum (This Long Deadly Blade). Excellent and better for the period with minor oxidation speckles. Sound and tight. Dating to the French and Indian War when the British colonies in America fought the French in the North. Despite outnumbering French colonists more than ten to one, the British suffered early failures. Eventually, events favored them and by 1763, the French were forced to cede their colonies to the British, becoming what is now the eastern part of Canada. This sword likely was part of the weapons surrendered by the French and ultimately reused in the American Revolution.

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