Early to mid 19th century. Gilt hilt with one piece back strap and pommel. See Peterson #67 dated 1821-32 for similar. Stirrup form guard with elaborate langets and gilt base ferrule to the carved and diced bone grip. Each element finely decorated in high relief, and fine detail. Characteristically described as "presentation quality." 30 1/8" spadroon form blade, a little broader than most and finely decorated with finely etched panels of military trophies and foliage, alternating gilt and plain, on blued ground. The blue bright and the decoration crisp, Blue and gold, both virtually complete. Brass scabbard hand engraved with three large foliage panels and eagle on stars & bars shield. Front with two dents, one evidently a sword cut. Original sword tattered at the middle. Finest eagle head we have offered both for quality and condition.

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