Dated 1882. Iron hilt based on the English cavalry officers sword with two bar side guard, a single wire wrapped black leather covered grip. 32" curved broad fullered blade. Spanish made, the blade base marked ARTILLERA FABRICA DE TOLEDO 1882. The blade decoration incorporating LISBOA on one side and the officers initials J M L on the other. The first third of the blade, etched each side in scrolling foliage terminating in mythological creatures, warriors portraits, trophies of arms, and demonic faces including horned Satan with drapes emanating from his mouth onto the horns. The etching precisely emulating Renaissance themes and motifs and executed in the finest hand. This sword is a product of the Toledo cutlery industry which, in the 1880s produced mostly daggers, but also swords with the finest quality etched blued and gilt decoration. Stylistically, that decoration is usually based on a somewhat simplified interpretation of baroque motifs. In this instance the etching is of such quality and so true to the Renaissance style that it would be indistinguishable from the original were it not on a 19th century sword. Fortunately, there is no evidence that the talents of those Toledo workshops were applied to anything but products of the contemporary cutlery industry. Blade gray with some black staining and media pitting. The etching completely intact with wonderful age character. Hilt shows light to medium pitting with good patina.

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