Particularly elegant brass hilt, formerly gilt, finely chased and detailed with hounds attacking a fox to the shell guard, hound opposite stag quillon block, and hounds attacking a lion to the pommel. All with high relief scrolling foliage adjacent. The knuckle bow with sensual female figure to the middle. One piece black horn grip. 23 1/2" straight blade with narrow back fuller, slightly concave faces and beveled edge and false edge. The forte etched with leaping stag, intertwined perpetual knot and geometric motifs. See Hunting Swords, Blackmore, #29 for a sword with a blade from the same group. While most "hunting swords" were in fact, civilian hangers, this example was clearly made for the hunt which was restricted to royalty and the nobility. The foremost design on the blade is raised toward the back rather than centered, to allow for sharpening without intrusion on the decoration, a measure unnecessary in a civilian hanger. The back quillon has been removed as it is redundant with the shell guard and serves no defensive purpose on a hunting sword, but could snag when drawing the sword against a boar charge. Very superior example balancing a subtle demonstration of class and wealth with functionality in the hunt where performance carried equal weight.

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