Central theme of a rose, probably armorial, and indicating a noble owner. The pommel, knuckle bow swell, quillon block and both sides of both shells embellished with a rose, each different, some opened some closed, in a diamond studded oval. The field for each element filled with a pierced lattice with small buds at the intersections. The knuckle bow and quillon piercings reveal that the elements themselves are hollow and not simply pierced through, as found on the finest examples. Fine silver wire wrapped grip. The 31 5/8 triangular blade with large panel at the forte inscribed with the makers name and address, au Duc de Bourgogne Ravoisie Fourbuseur ordinaire du Roy St. Michael a Paris. Ravoisie ordinary Fourbuseur (sword maker) (to) the Duke of Burgundy, Roy Bridge, St. Michael, Paris. The Ravoisie family of royal sword makers is recorded with examples in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (04.3.65) and a sword in the collection of the Georgia Historical society (A-1361-450). Above and reverse with scrolling foliage. Blade with a little superficial discoloration but the whole in excellent preservation.

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