Pommel, knuckle bow and grip in polished faceted pattern to glitter in candle light. Oval iron guard pierced with radial and twist pattern, set both sides with about two hundred faceted studs. Each hand made, set in its hole drilled through the guard, then peened with a concave tool forming a tiny dome on the underside of the guard. The result is a replication with smaller studs of the pattern on the inner guard. Just two studs missing and the entire hilt with considerable original blued finish. 33 1/4” hollow face triangular blade decorated at the forte with foliage and strap work, with remnants of gold overlay. Steel hilted swords far more labor intensive to produce than brass (bronze) or silver hilts which were cast and chased. Additionally, their survival rate is much smaller owing to the fragility of the guards and susceptibility to rust. Survivors in this condition are very rare.

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