Best identified as a bade bade, though classifications for Indonesian weapons are loose with many examples combining characteristics, as does this example. 7 1/2" shallow recurved blade of linear pattern welded steel or meteor iron. The root with four saw teeth to the edge and the back, 2 1/2" from the point, cut with a series of stepped teeth, each slightly different, but skillfully and deliberately formed. As the blades of kris were produced in a series of ritual steps, it is likely that the significance of these teeth is spiritual. The blade, frosty gray/black with distinct pattern. Finely made elegant bronze bolster. One piece wood hilt with swelled floral carved grip, floral motif above with extended pommel evolving to a scaled neck animal head with opened mouth and four fangs. Beautifully made scabbard with large black horn throat combining foliage and crested monster head as found on kastanes, and likely indicating a Ceylonese origin for this example. The black textured blade, as well, accords with early kastanes. Scabbard body overlaid in engraved sheet brass with three copper bands and three copper mounts. The upper two embossed and engraved in abstraction based on foliage. The tip mount as a boot with foliage and geometric decoration. Exceptional untouched condition with some discoloration to the wood hilt. The scabbard aged but completely undamaged including the delicate tip of the boot.

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