93 1/4” length. Finely forged head with pattern welded leaf shaped point, the sides with cusped indents flanked by dimples. The pattern distinctly evident in the alternate light and dark natural patina but probably polished bright originally. Short conical socket with narrow cheek straps. An example of similarly cusped form, dated C.1750-70 is in the von Kienbusch collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is from New Hampshire and is illustrated as fig.297 in Arms and Armor in Colonial America. Original wood haft skillfully tapered through its length. American pole arms of this quality are very rare as demonstrated by the fact that the same examples are used to illustrate most books on the subject. They served in the halls of government of the respective colonies and are distinctively different from those hastily produced for the Revolution. The rounded butt on this example, made without a grounding iron indicates that it was made to serve on a fine wood floor as found in such buildings as Faneuil Hall in Boston. Quality and condition superior to the von Kienbusch example and museum worthy.
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