Boxer Rebellion of 1900. 28” length with 16 3/4” thick curved wedge section blade. Thick bronze guard with elongated diamond motif. Two hand hilt with ring pommel, wrapped in bright red cord. The blade crisp and near as new with “spider rust” indicating that it was preserved in varnish. Spider rust occurs when a protected surface is compromised by pin point oxidation which slowly progresses under a preservative surface. Lacking oxygen, it results in fine line discoloration with no intrusion to the surface. Easily, removed, it is valued as a charming record of the life of the item. The hilt in very good preservation with a few frayed or stabilized areas. The red color, bright and serving as a warning or death knell to villagers. The Boxer executioners visited villages, with the red hilt of their swords raised on the back, ferreting out foreigners, Christians and those perceived too sympathetic to them, who were rounded up and decapitated for all to see. The very volume of their work, dictated that they must act quickly and move on leaving carnage and a message in blood. Few Boxer executioner’s sword survive in this condition suggesting that this one may have been captured by a European as a prize. A few “manor house” paint smudges support that conclusion. None the less, the wear indicates an active career before capture!

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