Iron hilt of slender proportions and particularly full cross section. The grip chiseled each side with large foliage panels. The underside of the pommel chiseled with two leaping cheetahs. 29" curved blade, the width slightly enlarging from the hilt, with raised false edge. Each side chiseled with a wavy tendril and flower buds incorporating crescents. Central motif of two cheetahs chasing an antelope. Each side with the seal of Abdullah Ibn Umar in Arabic, toward the point. The Asiatic cheetah, now near extinction, were kept by royalty and used to hunt. They were known as Hunting Leopards and prized over any other cat, symbolizing power and prestige for their owners. The hilt originally plated, probably gold, as indicated by traces of construction brazes which would have been concealed by the plating. The chiseled decoration crisp throughout. The pommel edge and top with frosty oxidation and the blade with isolated oxidation pockets, some, revealing its laminar iron composition.

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