Militia, C.1830 with scroll terminal quillons and helmet form pommel. The front with a rococo escutcheon below S C. The back with a shield normally detailed as “Stars & Bars” but here vacant but for a cross bar. Clearly an indication of the separatist mood in the South which generated the doctrine of “nullification” in Edgefield which became South Carolina law in 1832. President Andrew Johnson threatened enforcement of tariffs by Federal troops and South Carolina’s militias were called up in preparation for war. This very sword may have been pressed into service at that time and surely went on to serve in the Civil War. Condition is typical for Confederate swords, probably resulting from concealment in a wall or floor as was the fate for many surviving Confederate arms after the War was over. We ourselves were involved with the recovery of a cache of Union muskets concealed under the floor boards of a small building in South Carolina, Edgefield no less, in the 1950s. A South Carolina historic treasure.
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