Trophy of the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War with a history of its own after that. 53” overall length with a leaf-shaped point on double indented bolster. Wood haft flared at the butt, with animal hide socket sheath, extraordinarily retaining most of its original fur. The iron with old surface oxidation and the haft with fine patina. The point edges with slight paint residue, a paint smear on the socket, spatter and a smear to the haft. The “Manor House” paint attests to its history and display in the ancestral home of a wealthy and probably titled owner. At the time, candle and oil smoke from lighting accumulated on white ceilings which in wealthy manor houses, were restored by frequent repainting. Items displayed on the walls were often spattered in the process, and in very large houses, were often displayed high enough that the spatter and drips were ignored. We have witnessed that in many English Manor House sales. The paint is removable, but we view it as the last chapter in the history of the item, in this case, representing nearly a century and a half and evidence of noble provenance.

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