Dating to the War of Spanish Succession which was manifest in North America as Queen Anne's War involving French forces from Canada warring with English/American in the northeast coastal regions. As well, Spanish Florida fought the English colony of Carolina. A new sword style gained popularity and as a result of the success of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough became known as the Marlborough pattern. This example embodies the features and proportions, including oversized pommel, which are specific to this pattern. The construction methods and workmanship, however, are clearly provincial, strongly suggesting a Colonial American provenance. Like the American swords of the Revolution, an odd combination of shortcuts and shortcomings is evident. The bronze hilt was evidently sand cast in cursory detail and detailed entirely by hand. The pommel incorporates a clownish crowned face which could have been intended to honor or mock any of the monarchs involved. The grip wrap is plain and the 32 7/8" straight double edged blade is of the type seen on English hangers of the Hanover type. The blade is light and medium pitted with a few pockmarks of heavier oxidation, all stabilized to a good dark patina. The protected center inner guard shows green surface encrustation with the balance of the hilt of nicely mottled color. Probably made in Colonial America by a candlestick maker, the origins of these one off swords can hardly ever be identified with certainty.

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