3 7/8" length with 15 3/4" barrel flared to 2" at the muzzle. Large lock with flat lock plate and swan neck cock. Brass furniture including scroll side plate with GR and proof, both poorly struck. Walnut full stock, the cheek rest with large crude incised J A G. Those markings indicative of commercial use, and almost certainly at sea. They were probably made with a red hot rod ("running iron") as was typical for whalers and other ships. The gun would have been racked and broken out to repel boarders, military or pirate. Further indication of shipboard use is that the right fore end has an inlay repair from its period of use and keyed in as typical for ship’s carpenters. As with all tools and weapons which served at sea, it is well used with good honest age patina.
Stock Number: FNS2533

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