Finely made. 78 ½” total length, as made on original haft with original base shoe intact. Iron head with long cheek straps and tapered socket, divided by three bands with the upper segment faceted and the lower mounted with opposing curved base spikes. Baluster support. Tapered point of thick triangular section with scalloped base. Excellent for the period throughout. Triangular section bayonets were introduced in the early 1700s and remained popular through the late 19th century. The wounds inflicted were more traumatic and difficult to treat. They bled more and healed poorly if the wounded survived. This spontoon is evidently an effort to apply those benefits to a pole arm. It is likely that the thickness of the point, resulting from the triangular section proved ineffective as significant penetration would be difficult to achieve. As well, the point is heavier, changing the balance of the weapon, undoubtedly accounting for its relatively short length. The only such example we have encountered after examining many hundreds over the years.

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