Distinctive early features include the narrow back fullered hanger form blade, 27 1/2" length with large maker's marks for LYNDON & WINGWALL (Birmingham England 1828 and after). That form virtually obsolete by this time and may well have been an earlier blade remarked, as these often utilized surplus parts. Additional large crowned VR dating it to post 1837. The heavy sheet guard of plain form with rudimentary side guard as found on Revolutionary War and War of 1812 examples. Tapered faceted wood grip, the medial with intricate sailor's cord work segment of transverse wrap with elaborately woven spine. The back with cloth ribbon tails. Wrap, complete as is with just the last strand frayed and broken. Original carved IJ and 19 flanking the wrap. Mottled very old surface rusting to the blade should be left as is. Guard with uniform brown surface rust. Grip with deep rich old glossy patina. Untouched throughout, from the Angelo Peyron Collection sale of Nov 4-6 1954, which had been in storage since 1919 and contained many items long unseen on the market, even in the 1950s. Piracy continued through the age of sail and steam and flourished whenever international hostility permitted it. It was rampant during the War of 1812 and the Civil War and private vessels through the entire period carried arms such as this to defend against a pirate attack. Pirates purchased and carried the same arms. That this example was obviously individually owned rather than part of a ships arms cabinet (which was locked from the crew except during an attack) supports service on a pirate vessel. Unsurpassed for character.

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