Classic example of this iconic type. While many helmets of the English Civil Wars of 1642-51 were Thirty Years' War surplus, this example is distinctively English. The skull in two pieces with rolled seam is of heavier construction than Continental examples. The three bar face guard and one piece tail plate in three simulated lames are also characteristically English. The cheek pieces are slightly mismatched, varying only in their edge rolls. While possibly an arsenal repair where such a detail would be of no significance, it is as likely original construction, as helmets like this would have been made in quantity and assembled from mass produced elements. Virtually untouched with surfaced textured from original paint mixed with stable black oxidation as is typical arsenal condition for these. A Royalist helmet which served a cavalryman in support of the King. See National Army Museum, London MAM 1996-04-219-1 (online) for a virtually identical example.


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