This sword is from a documented group, of which examples in literature are specifically dated 1700-05 (Neumann 86.S, Annis #5&6, A & M #3-4). All references identify them as as carried by English Naval officers. This example and Annis #5 both bear the crowned face maker's mark and all are almost certainly English made. The time was the War of Spanish Succession (1701-15) which attempted to shift the balance of the three primary European powers (Bourbon, Habsburg and Whittelsbach) which could result in overwhelming English power and stability, specifically, if the French, hereditary enemies of England were to prevail. In the end, The Spanish Empire was significantly reduced, (including ceding Gibraltar to Britain), Britain's sovereignty in disputed areas was affirmed. Overall, Britain gained, France stalemated and Spain was a loser. Naval engagements were critical and England's naval might was perhaps, the pivotal factor in their positive outcome. John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough no less than repositioned England in the European market, economically, and militarily. This sword, by the account of the English researchers, is specific to English Naval officers of that period and War.
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