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Elegant forged iron head of uniform thickness and beveled cutting edge to the right side. The right side with two armorer’s marks and dot and scroll motif specific to these. See Europäische Hieb-Und Stichwaffen (European Cut and Thrust Weapons) p.241 for a related example. Further examples are illustrated in the catalog of the Gornja Stubica Museum p.36 and the Catalog of the National Museum in Wroclaw. 85 ½” overall. The haft with glossy mottled patina with some encrustation. Dating to the period of conflict over Croatia between the Habsburgs and the Ottoman Turks which culminated in the Turkish ambition being suppressed with their defeat at Sisack in 1593. Axes of this size were used by men of exceptional stature who trained regularly to develop the musculature necessary to wield them skillfully with ease. They were used against mounted and foot soldiers and could breach most armor excepting helmets and breastplates. This is the first example we have offered.

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