Standard pattern 1860 Cavalry Trooper's sword by Mansfield & Lamb with marks opposite. The blade cut to 29 1/2” and skillfully re-pointed. Blade length must always match function. This is a cavalry sword made with the reach for fighting mounted which has been modified for use on foot. The grip is absent its covering (wire intact) and the blade storage rusted. Both conditions are evidence of being hidden late in the war at which time many Southerners believed that there would be a resurgence of battle when the South rose again, perhaps in a year or a few years. Surely, the weapons of war would be needed again. Countless caches of weapons from singles to the legendary Georgia pikes buried before Sherman’s advance are documented. This sword fully accords with the procurement and adaptation process used by the South as well as the concealment the war’s end and may comfortably be classified as Confederate.

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