Blacksmith made, 17th-18th century. Huge iron leaf shaped head pierced with a round and oval hole. Forged iron ferrule on original wood haft. 60 3/8" length. Enormous character. The head and ferrule with stable old heavy pitting as associated with use at sea or costal. The haft hand hewn with scraped surface, longitudinal crack and the butt worn and splintered. It is well established that pikes were produced in the absence of other arms when a threat such as war or Indian activity, arose. This example appears much older than the Revolution. In the 17th century, American farmers were self reliant for defense and this weapon may have served standing next to the door in easy reach as was the custom in Northern Europe. With research, it is likely that a similar, identified example will surface solving the mystery. Purchased on Cape Cod, about 1970.

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