French and Indian War through Revolutionary War period, C.1750s and used through the Revolution and perhaps as long as the War of 1812. This sword is built on a cast brass or bronze hilt made in four pieces. As with many American swords of the French and Indian Wars and Revolutionary War, it was likely made by a candlestick maker as aside from the silver trade, that industry represented the majority of metal casting capability in the colonies and responded to the need for arms. The use of metal grips on built up hilts is rare as it requires fitting the elements. A wire wrapped grip is far simpler to produce and provides better purchase for the user's hand. Neumann 108.S illustrates an American saber dated 1775-83 with brass hilt including grip. This example incorporates the boat shaped guard which was at the beginning of its popularity at the time. Its 23 7/8 blade is Dutch, remounted from an officers sword and retains, partially weak, its decoration of Latin phrases and foliage including a large tulip. A classic example with design driven by available resources.

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