Peterson #73. Unusual example. Standard pattern based on the French and at first glance, appears to be a French sword. The blade is decorated with conventional scrolling foliage and unusual tendrils toward the point. The right side with a single large American stars and stripes flag, absent the other military and patriotic motifs invariably found. Conventional hilt, but for the grip which is sheet lead, finely formed with lapped seam, the surface with texture simulating sharkskin and originally wire wrapped. That suggests that it was oil cloth wrapped as no other material in use was thin enough to reflect the sharkskin texture. That feature, of course, is typical Confederate construction. The faint praise for the Union strongly suggests ownership by a Southern officer before the War as these were privately purchased and made to order. Likely, the standard mottoes, but for the flag, were omitted and the tendrils at the end, added to fill the space. The grip probably was replaced, in the Confederate fashion, for reasons unknown. Well worth research, but as with much of Confederate weaponry, the truth is all but lost by the nature of their production and use.
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