From the famed Frank Barnyak collection. US M.1840 NCO sword by C. Roby and so marked on the blade forte. Reverse with US 1863. Roby marked examples are scarce with no record of production to our knowledge. This example has suffered a distinct cavalry sword cut to the guard, breaching the thickened edge and penetrating about 1/4”. The guard was subsequently bent, evidently by the owner falling on it. The clear story told by the battle damage accounts for this example’s inclusion in the prestigious Barnyak collection. The salt and pepper pitting on the blade further indicate that it was a battlefield pick up, perhaps years after the battle. Battle evidenced swords were offered in “relic shacks” around Civil War battlefields which, in the 1950s, grew out of the demand from tourists, newly able to visit, owing to the evolution of the road system. They were stocked with the accumulation of finds by locals, for generations, which until that time were of little interest. By the early 1970s the supply was depleted.

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