Tunisian early 19th century. Available information identifies about four other examples (one of which one recently sold in Europe at auction for $1450.00) for which the only information is that they were encountered in Tunisia and nowhere else. This example with its iconic two piece wood hilt is mounted with a 29 1/4" European hanger blade, struck with a mark and two numerals, each side. Aside from their well-known predation on American ships which lead to the Tripolitan Wars, Barbary Pirates (coastal Berbers from Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli) sailed the Western Mediterranean, raiding ships and coastal towns in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal, pillaging and taking Christian slaves for the Ottoman slave trade. The length of this sword identifies it as a raider's weapon, intended for use on land rather than at sea. One of just two we have seen for sale in 50 years!
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