See Westerdijk p.224 #16. By the 19th century, slavery had been embedded in African culture for millennia. Tribal wars were no longer about territory, but simple means of harvesting “black gold” for the slave markets. The Banza of North Cameroon were preyed upon by their Congolese neighbors. They developed a form of the throwing knife which was used with great success. To their advantage, the enemy was focused on live captures while the Banza’s goal was to kill the slavers. Battles started with an open field charge of the slavers, in response to which the Banza would launch a volley of throwing knives which would disseminate their ranks and, to some extent, quell their enthusiasm. This example is iconic for the type at 19 ½” overall with double edged “bird head” point on medially ridged blade with base spike. It retains its original stitched hide hand grip. Only example of its type we have offered.

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