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This elegant weapon dates from the period when such arms, carried by guards of elite clergy and nobility were enriched yet functional. Its length, shorter than military examples, derives from its use both indoors and out. The head is etched with panels of foliage and military trophies but devoid of armorial references. The original haft retains its iron base shoe, attesting to its original length. Its bearers were equally elegantly adorned in fine colorful dress under armor of cuirass, and helmet with rapier. Their responsibility dictated that only the most highly skilled and experienced fighters were chosen. The guard, represented the most highly qualified and dedicated candidates whose lives were wholly dedicated to the protection of their charge. A few such guard units, including the Papal Guard, survive today.

Length: 91 3/4"

Provenance: Disney animator Frank Thomas who, against Walt Disney’s direction, clandestinely developed the spaghetti kissing scene in Lady and the Tramp, one of animated art’s greatest moments. Thomas was also a member of the Firehouse Five Plus Two Dixieland jazz band.

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