This massive weapon served a guard which protected a noble family in Veneto (northern Italy). The head has a long curved cutting edge, near unique for polearms, and requiring a man of substantial stature and considerable training for effective use. As well, it can pull down a mounted adversary with the elaborate back projections. The face bears a coat of arms including per fessee a lozenge and as a crescent bulls head erased. It is from a group, another of which is in the Royal Scottish Museum (#1876.29.17), published Arms and Armour in the Royal Scottish Museum, Norman, 1972, #59, where it is suggested that the arms are of the Correr family of Venice. The Correr family were Venetian nobility, with a palace on the Grand Canal, now the Correr Museum. Total length: 104 1/2 WFL.022 WFL022 WFL 022

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