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Second half of the 15th century. This substantial weapon was designed specifically to breach plate armor which by the 1400s had achieved complete encasement. Its elegant form is eminently suitable for the task. Originally mounted on a thick oak haft, it would have been manned by a burley foot soldier selected to fight a mounted adversary. Three other examples are recorded. One was excavated from the castle moat at Newcastle upon Tyne, now in the Keep Museum. Another is preserved at Cotehele House, Cornwall. A third, from the Gwynn Collection, was sold in 2001 (Christie's, London, 24 April, lot 30) for $9306.00. The present example is, by any standard, substantially superior for form and condition. At 27 5/8" length, it exceeds the Gwynn example by over 3". Gwynn was a highly respected London dealer and collector of Gothic arms and armor, well known for the systematic upgrading of his collection by selling lesser items to purchase the best on the market. Allowing that Gwynn was eminently well connected, and at the core of the English market, the superiority of this example to the Gwynn example defines it as a discovery of significance to the arms and armor world demanding publication.

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