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With iron hilt, the pierced shell guard chiseled with relief portraits of King Charles I (1625-49) and Queen Henrietta Maria. Copper wire and band wrapped grip. 27 1/4" curved blade chiseled with the running wolf mark. Two swords with very similar hilts are recorded. The first is illustrated in Arms & Armour in Stuart and Tudor London, Holmes pl. XVIII (Museum of London Coll.) and the second in Swords & Daggers, Wilkinson pl.64 (Howarth Collection). Swords of this form are sometimes known as Hounslow Hangers as many were assembled in Hounslow, west of London. This example was probably made in London. It is dated to the early part of the period for its type based on the rolled quillon and form of the knuckle bow. 27 1/4" length blade. Provenance: Tiverton Castle, Tiverton, Devon.

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