English inspired with distinct American styling. Scalloped edge oval guard set with six faceted stud clusters. Slender elements with faceted grip and urn form pommel. A little very superficial staining but near all original blue turned to brown, to the hilt. 32 3/4" hollow face triangular blade with etched and gilt ripple edged panel. Wells & Co New York at the forte with two large flowers opposite. Wells & Co. is well documented during this period and after. Lemuel Wells of New York imported and likely produced swords, including silver hilts, for retail in New York signed with both first and last name and last name only. The forte of the blade including the gilt inscription and decoration very clean with near all gold remaining. The balance crisp with mottled salt and pepper oxidation. Brown leather scabbard with steel mounts. Leather with some abrasions and fatigued at the tip. Tip mount dented. The other mounts excellent.

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