From the William Fagan Ltd. Collection

Form identical to Peterson's Silver Mounted Swords section, #19. Unmarked hilt comprising recurved guard with hound head terminals, rainproof base mount grip ferrule and scalloped pommel cap with relief demonic animal face. The quillon block very notable, decorated with a splay of military arms to the right side and the back with a sleeping lion with a groggy, almost human face. The arms distinguish this example as made for a military officer, probably as his side arms in the streets. The lion is an obvious reference to England, perceived as overbearing and weak. The grip is of finely carved ivory in a spiral beaded pattern, perhaps suggesting narwhal tusk. The 25 5/8" broad and narrow fullered blade is decorated with scrolling foliage and the popular sun, moon and stars motif. Original maroon leather scabbard sound and excellent retaining one silver suspension mount.

Items containing ivory cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.

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