Demonstrating the urgency of the need for any weapons at all, as the prospect of war jelled into reality. 8 1/2” length, with open seam conical socket pierced for a securing stud and leaf shaped point. Made of bar stock with low medial and formed with the full thickness at the point. One side trimmed with a chisel and the waste simply twisted off. Iron was imported from Europe, primarily England for the needs of colonial blacksmiths. This example is skillfully formed, while minimizing labor by short cutting the most laborious part of the process, the drawing out and shaping of the point. It is likely that the need to arm a number of men in a very short period, such as when British troops were known to be a day away, necessitated the production of a number of weapons within a few hours. Under the circumstances, the survival rate of such weapons would be exceedingly low.

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