Classic example very similar to Neumann 114.S and both are distinguished by their straight ball terminal cross guards, an archaic form two centuries past its popularity, yet functional and within the abilities of a bronze caster trained to make candlesticks. Most importantly, it required minimal finishing after casting. In form, it incorporates a small expansion the right side, a vestigial side guard which increases the impact area countering a blow and thus proportionately, the protection for the hand. The pommel as well is minimized to protect the end of the sword and thus the peen, preventing loosening of the hilt. All three hilt mounts are very heavily gilt, again indicative of a maker outside his field. The grip is plain wood as made and never covered or wrapped. The 21 1/8” slightly curved blade is hand hammered of broad wedge section, plain and Blade unfullered. Wonderful provincial Colonial American character with clear indication that it was made under the pressure of war.

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