This sword is built on a generic “hunting sword” blade imported from Europe with broad and narrow fullers bearing images of stag and boar and a simple scroll filled panel at the base. Sword blades were produced at a few industrial centers, the largest being in Solingen, Germany, and sold throughout the Western Worlds for local hilting. The brass hilt has a primitive lion head pommel characteristic of American swords of the Revolution. See Peterson, American Swords, Silver hilted supplement #36 for a very similar example. As well, Neumann, 114.S and 121.S are closely related. Below the guard is a “rain cover” cut from sheet, intended to seal the throat of the scabbard against rain. The grip is bone, well hatched or reeded in a spiral pattern. Swords such as this were carried by civilians for personal defense and accompanied them to war. Excellent uniform preservation.



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