This sword is an American version of the hanger, later called a briquette introduced by the French in 1767. See Neumann 62.S. The brass hilt is made of a two pieced grip with brazed seam and cast guard. The blade is hand forged and accords in detail with the French model. The sword is distinctly American in workmanship and detail. It probably was produced in the year or so before the Revolution, when the prospect of war was evident. Bronze casting was a well-established industry which could easily produce sword hilts. The form is French, but the details uniquely American: the grip ribs are on the sides only for most of the length with a raised flat surface below counterbalancing the integral back strap. The purchase is further enhanced by hand chiseled angled hatches with matching marks to the sides of the pommel. The guard is narrow both sided of the grip with a center swell for the grip foot matching that on Neumann 81.S, American Hanger. A good survivor of the American Revolution in well used condition.

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