Mid-19th century. Between a swagger stick and walking stick. 27" long, of two segments of Malacca with engraved and gilt mounts. The long grip (open cracks). The cap (edge crack) and bands ate the junction with the shaft of jewelry quality. Plain release button. 8 1/4" wedge section narrow fullered blade, perhaps originally longer, but used in this length. Sticks like this were carried in hand, openly advertising that the carrier was armed while still maintaining a degree of decorum. The blade length was likely a choice of the owner. As with all weapons, optimum blade length depends on the skill and fighting technique of the user. Well used condition throughout, this example probably served on the East Coast waterfront where street attacks, day or night were rampant, in part, owing to the ability of the perpetrator to escape by sea on voyages of up to two years. There are few surviving examples as they are undazzling and poorly understood.
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