Brass hilt with single twisted brass wire wrapped leather covered grip. P form guard and integral back strap, the quillon stamped with a number. 27 5/8" curved, narrow fullered hanger blade with die struck German running wolf mark and large 1805. Classic example displaying American (almost certainly Philadelphia) construction and workmanship. Distinctive features include the profile of the back strap which tapers to both ends, its tang peened through the guard terminal and back strap, brazed seam grip ferrule, the use of brown grip leather, and the irregular twist pattern with a transverse rather than spiral end. The imported German blade is typical as it was during the Revolution. The guard form and of course, blade date, place it in the early post Revolution period. The blade shows a few spotty islands of old black oxidation/pitting, strictly commensurate with its age and the entire sword has a uniform untouched fine age character. A state militia sword from the period of states independence when the nations security was largely dependent on the militias.

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