19th century, Great Lakes region (Victoria and Tanganyika). 74 ½” length with finely forged iron head. Tapered faceted socket extending up the leaf shaped point as a high medial ridge. Iron base shoe in two stages with sheet socket and heavy banded tip weight. Original scorch decorated wood haft with scraped (not sanded) surface indicative of early construction. Excellent–untouched with appropriate aging. The Congo extends into the region, which was a hotbed of slave activity, supplying the East African markets for Arabic sales as well as the domestic market for human flesh. The slavery industry was controlled by Tippu Tib, seated in Zanzibar, who granted safe passage to Livingstone, and later Stanley. Their historic introduction was at Ujiji on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. Livingstone’s surviving writings detail the slave trade in the area graphically.

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