This is a fine quality rifle dating to the period of the Ottoman power struggle and wars with Russia. The Great Northern War of the early century found Turkey allied with Sweden to protect her Baltic possessions against Russian take over. The balance of the century was characterized by conflicts which continued the struggle. Arms such as this were the personal property of the Ottoman nobility who comprised the leadership of the armies. Its 28 1/2 .50 cal barrel, with swamped muzzle is mounted with a copper sight and deeply rifled. The open rear sight has a hinged graduated peep sight. The miquelet lock is of fine quality. The wood stock is profusely inlaid with scalloped edge mother of pearl diamonds and triangles and the field with brass piques and wheel shaped inlays. The butt with alternate bands of brass inlaid ivory and brass tacks. Dazzling in its day, it retains the flare that catches the eye.

Items containing ivory cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.

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