Dating to the mid 19th century, as a tribute to the process which draws a mold from the originals, accurately replicates the originals to the smallest details. The shield of particularly large size at 24 1/4" diameter, embossed in deep relief with a historic battle scene juxtaposed on a skyscape of Spanish castles. Mounted Romans are pitted against a Barbarian enemy. The broad edges represent classic putto, which were popular in Roman times, abandoned for a millennium and repopularized in the Renaissance, thus linking the cultures. The burgonet with a similar battle and castle scene to the left side and a biblical scene to the right depicting Eve giving the apple to Adam, Hermes caring the caduceus, Eros, and Hercules, resting from his tasks. Both of heavily silver plated copper with near all original silver intact and fine patina throughout. The electrotype process was invented in 1838 and in museum work, served to produce study pieces for museum exchanges until the 1860s. These examples are both fitted for use, the helmet with a leather liner (only fragments remaining) and the shield with a woven hand grip, suggesting that they were made for ceremonial or parade use.The Italian originals are of, or heavily influenced by, the Negroli workshop which advanced the art of metal embossing and produced the finest parade armor for royalty. The originals are iconic, preserved in the Royal Armory Museum, Madrid and illustrated in numerous, probably hundreds of books. These fine antique replications faithfully reproduce every detail and nuance generating an absolutely stunning display surpassed only by the priceless originals.

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