A SHIPS CARPENTERS TOOL CHEST C.1850 In the 1960s we made countless buying trips to New England, ending at Cape Cod . Among our most treasured purchases was this ships carpenters chest dating to about 1850. The chest is entirely hand made, with square cut nails, 36 1/4" x 16 1/4 x 16" high with one board top with miter inset ends and rounded vertical side posts pierced with rope handles. Brass hinges and lock. Inside, the top is divided with a half width beaded edge lid box with divided lift out tray and a matching full width divided inner box opposite which sits on an additional divided tray. Below, the box is divided into two transverse wells for larger tools. Even today, the tool kits of skilled tradesmen are often passed to juniors by retiring veterans and that almost surely is the case with this one as the tools span several decades. All tools are in well used and well maintained condition and many have a little paint spatter to the surface. List of the tools: 17 1/4" wood block plane 24" wood block plane Brass frame chamfering plane 3/4" T form auger with fixed wood handle 5/8" T form auger with removable handle two caulking irons, thin and medium 11 3/4" iron drift pin 6 1/2" iron drift pin 7 3/4" iron drift pin 5/6" iron rabbeting chisel chiseled with the owners initials leather sail makers palm V groove chisel with custom turned handle 1 1/4" short all steel wood chisel utility knife made form a cutlery knife in fighting knife sheath screw lock auxiliary support wheel line splicing arrow graduated drawing plate, evidently for wire or metal tape large steel frame coping saw small wire frame coping saw iron spoke shave 1 1/8" circle cutter auger bit wood marking gage In addition, A SAIL MAKERS NEEDLE KIT. Four needles, plus two double ended curved starter needles contained in a lathe turned wood case, 5 3/4" length, with banded decoration and bees waxed neck to preserve from salt air. The case with good age patina and short crack to the top. Dating among the earliest items, perhaps 1840 or earlier, this set alone is valued at about $175.00 #287A SHIPS CARPENTERS CHEST AND ITS CONTENTS.... 1650.00

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