In original japanned tin trunk, 41" x 12 1/2" x 4 1/2" with brass shield to the top with makers name, Jones & Co. TAILORS AND ARMY CLOTHIERS/6 Regent St. Pall Mall and other information. The top hand painted with A W MAXTONE-GRAHAM Cultoquhey Crieff, NB. Cultoquhey is the house and estates of the Maxtones of Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, held since 1410 until it was sold by the 16th laird in 1955. It is at the gate of the Highlands. Anthony Maxtone Graham, (born 1773) was 12th laird from 1796 through the Napoleonic years and after. The contents of fine quality including velvet tail coat with black satin cockade suspended on the back and 3" lace cuffs protruding from the sleeves, matching calf hugging trousers, white satin waist coat (vest), two pair of long stockings, pair of leather shoes made by The American Shoe Co., and fine watered satin banded bicorn hat with large cut steel studded mount with six suspension chains. The tail coat, waist coat and trousers all with matching cut steel buttons as well as matching breech buckles to the trousers and matching buckles on the shoes, all intact. Additionally, a cut steel hilt small sword with matching button to the scabbard with original sword belt with velvet suspension. The sword with 29 7/8" hollow triangular blade etched with a figure holding an Irish harp and military trophies. The clothing in excellent condition for the period but the waist coat with two angular stains, evidently transferred from a treated leather belt. Probably removable and would not show if the outfit was mounted. The sword with gray patina and a little cleaned pitting to the hilt. Three studs missing from the oval guard, otherwise complete with light smooth gray patina to the blade. Scabbard tip mount a working life replacement. The sword condition probably the result of children clandestinely taking the sword out to handle it. A fascinating glimpse of Scottish history dating to the period of Scottish reconciliation with the crown, just five decades after the Scottish Rebellion and the only Scottish sword with an identified owner that we have ever offered.

Stock Number: 97-1025 (WFL.089)

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